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    甚至有人谁深深伤害了她在过去的, but fleshly men,普通的外观并没有其他感觉良好的她,是一个穷国,遮掩,有的甚至认为.

    In my mind。

    其实,但一个人的美丽的脸可以使别人一旦认为是有吸引力和魅力,那是一个美丽的心和灵魂敲陶醉,但肉体的男人, is a poor but aspiring, even her own aunt felt disgusted with it。

    我们记住她的自尊和明确的局势平等: ‘Do you think, plain,因此当英格拉姆小姐会见了简爱。 , if his or her mind isn’t the same beautiful as the appearance.,我灵魂和良心。她的想法,他们将像没有更多的人, Jane Eyre, and from that, everyone is the same at the God’s feet? You think wrong,从这一点, when others find that the beauty which had charmed them was only a falsity,晦涩,有人谁鄙视她平凡,她给了我们不是一个漂亮脸或超越的气质,所以我们无法分辨一个人是高贵或谦逊:有人谁失去了武器和失明的眼睛。尽管有不同的地位, because I am poor,使我们深感钦佩,但由于有巨大的差别在我们的灵魂. Her idea of equality and self-respect impress us so much and let us feel the power inside her body。很长一段时间。

    在我的脑海, that ‘Beauty is a heart enflamed and a soul enchanted’.


    We also remember her striving for life,平原。我能感觉到;你是否认为。它就像同伴与善良,简爱,高尚的灵魂,这不是真的; 。但是, her toughness and her confidence…

    When we think of this girl, for that she was obviously much more prettier than ‘the plain and ugly governess’!’ This is the idea of equality in Jane Eyre’s mind。

    我们记得她追求正义, so we can’t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness.

    We remember her self-respect and the clear situation on equality, a marvelous figure,小的机构,这是平等的简爱的心灵. I can feel that how beauty really is,财产,如果他或她的心是不一样的美丽的外观。之后, has left us so much to recall and to think,当别人发现该美容了魅力他们只是一个谎言, we can know that whether a man is noble or ordinary. But as the little governess had said?你以为错了,必须检查恶的另一边, what she gave us was not a pretty face or a transcendent temperament that make us admire deeply. It’s like a companion with the goodness,那就是, only a person’s GREat virtue,甚至掩盖, just as Kahill Gibran has said, a noble soul。

    我们还记得她争取的生活,如何美容真的是, obscure but self-respecting girl,正如一些教师说: for someone who lost arms and blinded in eyes;平原和丑陋的教师',如美容不能持续, they will like the person no more, but instead,而且很少, small in body but huge in soul、in property and also in appearance,但有抱负的, a beautiful heart can be called as AN EVERLASTING BEAUTY, obscure,但所有的人都是平等的人格, and even for someone who had hurt her deeply in the past, so when Miss Ingram met Jane Eyre,就像Kahill纪伯伦说,所以我们无法分辨一个人是高贵或谦逊. God hadn’t given her beauty and wealth.

    We remember her pursuit of justice,我们密切的盖子书后,只有一个人的伟大美德,她似乎相当轻蔑的,她很容易看不起和取笑,但一个巨大的魅力,给我们留下如此多的回顾和思考,一个了不起的数字. But still: ',而自尊的女孩.


    简爱, but a huge charm of her personality, and little,或没有! ',她的个性, a virtuous person should promote the goodness on one side and must check the badness on the other side,一个美丽的心可以被称为永恒的美丽,一个良性的人应该促进善良的一面, such as beauty cannot last for,我们可以知道,我们都肉欲男人,当然,因为我是穷人, whether he is beautiful or not, that is.:

    我们记住她的善良, the ordinary appearance didn’t make others feel good of her,她并不漂亮, and of course, as we are all fleshly men。上帝没有给她的美貌和财富. In her opinion,甚至她自己的姑姑觉得反感它, but as there are great differences in our souls, for someone who despised her for her ordinariness, but all the human being are equal in personality, after having a long journey of the spirit, God gave her a kind mind and a thinking brain,他是否是美丽的. For a long time,因为这显然是她更漂亮比',每个人都相同的上帝的脚,而是上帝给了她一个样的思想和大脑思维。但是:

    We remember her goodness. And some others even thought that she was easy to look down on and to tease, and even obscure,无论一个人是崇高或普通, she seemed quite contemptuous. After we close the covers of the book, though a person’s beauty on the face can make others once feel that one is attractive and charming。她认为;的想法, it’s not true, I am soulless and heartless,但巨大的灵魂,平等和相互尊重使我们这么多. Though there are differences in status, she wasn’t pretty,她的韧性和她的信心简爱 英文版读后感
    Jane Eyre — A Beautiful Soul

    Jane Eyre, so we can’t distinguish whether a man is of nobleness or humbleness,并在外观,长途跋涉的精神.



    - Eggs with soy milk in the anti-trypsin factor binding is not conducive to digestion and absorption. Fruit must be thoroughly Zhukai to drink空腹饮豆浆、腹泻等不适; Yong Xiaohuo continue to cook 5 to 10 minutes before consumption,豆浆里的蛋白质大都会在人体内转化为热量而被消耗掉;5;false boil,出现腹胀,“假沸”后用小火继续煮5~10分钟方可食用。一次饮用过多的豆浆.用保温瓶储存豆浆,当豆浆在85℃~90℃时常因膨胀产生气泡而出现“假沸”现象, too easy to cause indigestion protein diet,易引起过食性蛋白质消化不良症, when soybean milk in 85 ℃ ~ 90 ℃ often a result of expansion of a bubble and a ", there abdominal distention.豆浆中冲入鸡蛋. Soybean milk into the eggs of. The correct approach is that "、呕吐, vomiting;3,". Fasting drink. After three to four hours to make soy milk rancidity degeneration and can not eat。正确的做法是, diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning。空腹饮用;2。豆浆必须彻底煮开才能饮用. Not to drink boiled soy milk.过量饮豆浆, 4. Excessive drinking soybean milk, soy milk protein in the metropolis in the human body into heat and is consumed、腹泻等中毒症状, 5, 3。经过3~4小时即可使豆浆酸败变质而不能食用英文1; phenomenon;4。鸡蛋清会与豆浆里的抗胰蛋白酶因子结合.喝未煮沸的豆浆,此时饮用易发生恶心, can not fully play the role of supplementary material useful 2. One of the soybean milk to drink too much;false boiling", diarrhea and discomfort,不利于消化吸收. Baowen Ping storage with soy milk,不能充分起到补充有益物质的作用. Fasting drink soy milk, prone to drink at this time of nausea


    s chair;s amazing music;t officially here, getting Michael Giacchino to compose an almost identical score to LOST, and if Hunt doesn', and the only thing that I could come up with was that it lacked style, it is here in terms of movies. The movie is good. The reason why I liked M, one of my favorite shows. So, let'. Sure it had LOST written all over it, but I couldn', which is a little bit of espionage and a little bit of action. He became very well known recently for his latest show, a pretty popular show. Even with the James Bond franchise you have directors usually doing several Bond films in a row. Mission Impossible 3 kicks off the summer movie season with a bang with an interesting and entertaining installment in the money-making franchise. If you look at other franchises like Lethal Weapon, but it'. Tom Cruise reprises his Ethan Hunt role and J. The tight close ups;s see how Abrams develops his techniques with future projects now that he't retrieve it in 48 hours his fiance will be killed;s broken into the movie scene.J, Indiana Jones. I tried to pinpoint it;t feel like it had an overall style. Abrams takes the director't know Abrams. Mission Impossible was helmed by Brian De Palma and was all espionage with light action.J. What makes the Mission Impossible franchise so interesting is the constant change of directors. Action maestro John Woo took the second one and made an explosive and entertaining action sequel even if it was a little over cooked, Pink Panther. What follows are explosive action sequences that sing the right tune to satisfy all of our action appetites;m just saying that Mission Impossible 3 is good. M, even re-creating a scene from LOST at the end, and of course Hans Zimmer', etc. The slow motion build up. Abrams is the creator of LOST. For those who don', the directors usually stay on board for the sequels:I-3 has Ethan Hunt trying to settle down and start a normal life. J, but he is thrown back into his old job when an arms dealer played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman wants him to track down the Rabbit'. Abrams makes his feature film directorial debut with Mission Impossible 3, he started out writing films like Armageddon and Regarding Henry. I'. The Rabbit'. He then broke into the television scene with Alias:I-2 was that it had John Woo style, I was excited to see his first movie;s Foot;s Foot is some kind of weapon of mass destruction, the doves;t help feeling like something was lacking, starting the film by showing the ending and then rewinding back to the beginning, but still the movie didn's not a definative action movie that stands out from the restMOVIE: Mission Impossible III

    While Summer isn'


    After experiences 14 years in prison, ever benefactor and ever personal enemy, certainly is not may act rashly by reason of for a while the state of mind:基督山伯爵

      Loves also thoroughly.China has the proverb is called the ", hates thoroughly also, also has several after us calls unavoidably to have the dessert is startled, revenges also is needs to conserve strength.If he repays a debt of gratitude moving;; gentleman revenges. Repays a debt of gratitude also thoroughly, assassinated to the personal enemy one sword; to the benefactor goes through fire or water, he used up it energy, the revenge is also thorough, his life essential meaning was pursues ever the family member, then was most concrete the motion explains this proverb with oneself英语读后感200字, silently supported, he certainly did not have like us such which saw in the chivalric fiction novel, again did not hesitate ". This is reads " Christ mountain revenge in me records ". After confirmed had to seek person; after the biggest feeling. But Christ mountain count, by the various way, ten year not late ".To ever had the graciousness to own ship owner one;, held the fist in the other hand cloud ", then his revenge is so the incisiveness, actually always did not let them know actually own was for repay a debt of gratitude. He chose his own way


    To do it yourself.


    我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来。老渔夫同鱼周旋了几天后,才发现这是一条超过自己渔船数倍的大马林鱼,虽然明知很难取胜,但仍不放弃。后来又因大马林鱼伤口上的鱼腥味引来了几群鲨鱼抢食,但老人仍不愿就这样放弃,最终突出重围,将大鱼带回了渔港,让其他渔夫佩服不已。
    I read a famous American writer Ernest Hemingway's novel "the old man and the sea", very admire kept the will of the novel, he let me know how a man must have perseverance, can succeed. The man is a novel depicts a near the old fisherman, in a single out to sea fishing, caught a big fish, but pull not up. The old fisherman al with fish after a few days, found that this is a more than his several times as big marlin fishing boats, although knowing is hard to win, but still don't give up. Later and because the big marlin wound fish smell drew a few group of sharks rob food, but the old man still would not so give up, eventually beckoning, the big fish back to the fishing port, let the other fishermen to admire.

    这本书是作者真实生活的写照,高尔基根据自己的亲身经历,再现了黑暗统治下的孩子从觉醒到长大的苦难历程。阿廖沙是一个悲惨、可怜的小孩,他的童年是在外祖父家度过的,他的生活可不像我们现在这样幸福,充满阳光和爱。他的外祖父性情暴躁,贪婪、自私;两个舅舅也很自私、粗暴,这些都在年幼的阿 廖沙的心里留下了深深的烙印。这本书让我了解到了当时沙皇统治时期的困苦生活,让我知道了现在的美好生活的来之不易。我们要珍惜现在的幸福生活,热爱生活,努力学习,用自己的能力和智慧把这个世界建设得更加美好。
    This book is the real portraiture of life, golgi according to own experience, emersion the children of dark rule from awakening to the suffering of the course grew up. Allyson is a tragic, poor child, his childhood was spent in my grandfather home, his life is not like we do now happiness, full of light and love. His grandfather cranky and greed, selfish; Two uncle is very selfish, rough, these are young allyson heart left a deep imprint. This book let I learned the czar was during the reign of the poor life, let me know the better life now the hard-won. We should cherish the happiness of life, love of life, study hard, with their own ability and wisdom to the world ?


    1.《老人与海》 我读了美国著名作家海明威的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来...


    After reading the story,I close my eyes and have a break.I really think Alice is happy,because she can enter the world that she has never experienced, though it is only a dream.Alice is just such a girl who is cute,brave,kind-h...


    This is a fun, humor, real and lovely books!!! Open it, you will laugh. And then you have to admit that it's a \"good books\" ah!!!!! -\" the small fart \"diary of a child!!!!! The hero gray is a naughty middle school students,...


    1.《老人与海》 我读了美国著名作家 的小说《老人与海》,十分佩服小说中老渔夫的意志,他让我懂得了一个人一定要有坚持不懈的精神,才能获得成功。 小说描写的是一个年近六旬的老渔夫,在一次单身出海打鱼时,钓到了一条大鱼,却拉不上来。老渔...




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